Style Fest

Bonjour, I'm Olivia Silfest, the founder and owner of

Born in Paris, after graduating from high school I moved to Berlin, where I studied fashion design. I liked and still love this city, which is why I stayed to this day. Being a nomad at heart, Berlin has proven to be the ideal base for my travels around the world.

I have been fascinated by history and stories since I was a child. I'm very interested in furniture, objects and design from bygone eras because they can inspire to keep the past present.

After my studies, I started buying antiques and opened my first shop on the side. In doing so, I developed my love for beautiful design, high quality and unusual objects. The fascination they exert on me is based not least on the wealth that this topic holds: vintage design, midcentury creations, unique art from Morocco, metal, Murano glass, ceramics, fabrics.

After being mainly involved with European design for many years, I wanted to broaden my interest and knowledge. In connection with my irrepressible desire to travel, this led me to the cultures of North Africa. I decided to live in Morocco for some time, where I was particularly interested in Berber art. Here I learned a lot about their traditions, their craft and their design.

I met different young artists and designers who reinterpreted the traditions with great sensitivity for the 21st century. The interweaving of cultures, designs and traditions from Europe and North Africa has given rise to a completely new artistic interpretation of history.

Unpretentious, cautious and with a lot of love, I look for old objects, dig up treasures and find new creations. I would like to offer this here on to give others the opportunity to bring a piece of this history into their lives. Targeted and conscious shopping, discovering high quality and rarities, that's what I offer you.

Thanks to Franziska Hübchen, Kenanah, Artsi Ifrach, Mous Lamrabat, Norya Ayron, Khalil Essaouira, Holger for the inspiration.....